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  • 1 month ago

    Pls share >> CHOC Acupuncturist Ruth McCarty has this tip for you... Learn more about Treating Children here live on Thursday 7th June: ... See more

    1 month ago
    What's Happening in Health: June 3, 2018

    Watch Doug’s TV Interview!
    “Getting to the Point’s” director, Doug Dearth, was interviewed for “What’s Happening in Health” a weekly show for WKRC in Cincinnati. It aired Sunday ... See more

    Cincinnati (WKRC) - Liz Bonis is joined by Dr. Andy Ringer and Doug Dearth

    1 month ago
    Me and My Numb Thumb: A Tale of Tech, Texts and Tendons

    Has anyone every had a client come in from issues with their thumbs/tendons?

    There will be many more patients in the future experiencing problems within their wrists and thumbs as the world moves ... See more

    Continually texting and emailing from her smartphone strained the tendons in this tech reporter’s phone thumb, which turns out to be an increasingly common condition.

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