BIRTH: A New Story

We need new stories. Our society so badly needs new stories.
Here is a link to a crowdfunding campaign for a documentary film that explores birth beyond the industrial model and restores the mystery and miracle of birth. The way our culture does childbirth is a microcosm of everything else it does. All the wrongness (such as the desecration of the feminine and the body, the splitting of the human being, the technological program, etc.) and all of the possibility for transformation and healing, is present in holographic microcosm in modern childbirth.

Hierom kiest u voor Itchi-go

  • Japanse acupunctuur in de stijl van Kiiko Matsumoto
  • Gediplomeerde acupuncturist
  • Persoonlijke behandeling, afgestemd op uw unieke behoeften
  • Wij hebben uitgebreide kennis van Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde (TCM)
  • Aangesloten bij Beroepsvereniging, Zhong


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