Carrots to inhibit viral infection

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Chinese Medicine uses carrots to inhibit viral infection due to increasing of interferon levels in blood which inhibits viral mRNA after consumption of decoction of carrots . Two carrots (200g) chopped in pieces and boiled for 15 min in 1/2 litre of water. Take warm as prevention and treatment of viral infections.
Virus uses viral mRNA which translates into the viral protein. This translation of viral information through viral mRNA is stopped by our own interferon. Interferon inhibits translation and viral protein is not created. Similar reaction happens during use of antibiotics. Carotinoids and especially carrots tea boost production of interferon, making carrot tea to become antiviral drink which inhibits viral mRNA.
Research about immunological properties of carotinoids, polymers of carotin produced during boiling, which is a pigment giving an orange colour to the water. These carotenoids enhance lymphocyte blastogenesis, increase the population of specific lymphocyte subsets, increase lymphocyte cytotoxic activity, and stimulate the production of various cytokines. In addition, carotenoids also stimulate the phagocytic and bacteria-killing ability of blood neutrophils and peritoneal macrophages. The action of these carotenoids is widely accepted to be independent of their provitamin A activity.

Increase of interferon and anti-inflammatory factors during intake of carotinoids
Research about interferons inhibiting viral mRNA

Research about antiviral property of carrots with human DNA…

Research about mice fed with carrots

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