Sandor Katz Fermentation Workshop

Gastrointestinal problems, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, constipation, allergies, Crohn’s disease, etc., are all connected to the gut. On the alternative medicine corners of the internet, the advise given is mostly about food and supplements.
While eating good food is an important pillar of health, there can be a certain obsessive quality to these recommendations. If the digestive system is not strong enough, foods cannot be broken down and absorbed properly, nutrition cannot be taken adequately from the food. Focussing on what is missing and supplementing those deficiencies, is typical for Industrial Medicine and the forms of alternative medicine that mainly mimic Industrial Medicine with other means.

Nature-based medicine focuses on the root causes, like emotional disturbances, unhealthy breathing or exercise habits, scars, tensions in the body and ancestral legacies and uses things like acupuncture to increase the blood flow to the abdomen, and creating a healthy “fermentation vessel” in the gut, so that the balance between the “good” bacteria and the “bad” ones shifts naturally, and the intestines can function properly, increasing the uptake of nutrients. Instead of focussing on what suppositiously is lacking in our lives or, the opposite, focussing on “detoxifying” what we perceive as being unwanted, natural medicine, like traditional acupuncture, aims to optimise the body’s normal, healthy functions, and trusts that this will allow the body to re-align itself with its true purpose according to nature’s design.

All this being said, here is a page full of wonderful ideas by Salvador Katz. He is a master of the dark arts of fermentation, the process that pre-digests your foods, adds flavour and good bacteria as well. Incorporating some fermented foods into your diet will be a great way to enhance it. Doing the fermentation yourself is cheap and fun, and can have you experimenting with flavours you would never get in the store. Fermenting foods is a traditional practice, and fits well into how our bodies have evolved.

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