The Business of Birth Control

In this ground breaking film you will…

  • hear scientists explain how the pill, ring, patch, or IUD can negatively impact your mental health
  • learn how the pill shuts down your menstrual cycle and is prescribed as a bandaid solution for all hormonal issues
  • learn how birth control is marketed as a “lifestyle drug” downplaying serious side effects, some of which can be fatal
  • discover that taking hormonal birth control can impact partner attraction
  • discover that more women are turning to non-hormonal options and how those work with your natural cycle

Viewing Available on Wednesday, March 8th at 9am PST and ends on Sunday, March 12th at midnight PST.

Hierom kiest u voor Itchi-go

  • Japanse acupunctuur in de stijl van Kiiko Matsumoto
  • Gediplomeerde acupuncturist
  • Persoonlijke behandeling, afgestemd op uw unieke behoeften
  • Wij hebben uitgebreide kennis van Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde (TCM)
  • Aangesloten bij Beroepsvereniging, Zhong


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